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About Us

Fairchild Process Controls  is a company that exist to provide products and services that are essential in the development of numerous industries.  We see ourselves as partners with you our clients in the growth and development of your companies and your respective industries. 


We take pride at being Global, having the capabilities to bring in goods from other countries to comply with you our Clients needs.  We at Fairchild Process Control take to heart our slogan "We serve our Clients, On Time All the Time..."


With a personable service we guarantee to take the burden off your  backs and welcome it with our able hands.  As we partner with you in completing your task by supplying the materials and equipment you need on time.  As our Client , you can rest assured that our company has the Technical Capabilities, Flexibility, Reliability and Dedication needed to supply your every need.


It is the quality policy of Fairchild Process Controls to ensure:

High Customer Satisfaction by:

  • Ensuring close contact with our clients and other interested parties that uses our products in order to monitor the fulfillment of the their expectations and specific requirements
  • Ensuring the timely delivery of orders that conforms to the specific requirements of our clients
  • Striving to get product inquiries converted to orders for major customers and interested parties

Targeted innovations by:

  • Ensuring that products and services are improved and adjusted according to present and future requirements and demands

Compliance with requirements by:

  • Supplying products and services that fulfill customer’s requirements and expectations, and meeting the specified requirements for functionality
  • Ensuring that products and services comply with relevant authority requirements and directives and required standard compliance.

Required competence by:

  • Continually assessing and developing our employee’s skill and abilities in relation to present and future requirements
  • Assessing the possibility of increasing competency level when hiring new employee
  • Ensuring that experience and knowledge within the whole organization is available and used whenever appropriate

Continual and permanent improvement by:

  • Continuously improving products, services, process and systems.
  • Motivating and requiring employees to be responsible in their work and task solving

Based on the quality policy and in accordance with the company’s overall targets and strategies, objectives are set that identify the quality level that Fairchild Process Control consider to be compliant with the policy.  The objective thus state the level required to achieve and strengthen Customer Satisfaction and to fulfill Fairchild Process Controls vision.



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Mandaluyong City Metro Manila

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